Dr. Christian Brockmann

Construction Engineering Professor Spotlight

From its inception all the way to its recent ABET-accreditation, creating an entirely separate degree for students pursuing Construction Engineering was no small order. To build a bachelor’s degree that would create top-notch employees and leaders for the rapidly-growing industry (8%) would need expertise of a certain caliber.

Dr. Brockmann joined the U in 2022 in part to spearhead the Construction Engineering degree, and there couldn’t have been a better fit. With an extensive background in both academia and industry, Dr. Brockmann has left an indelible mark on the field of Construction Engineering and will, in the years to come, be an integral part of the program’s success.

Leadership Experience in Construction Engineering

Dr. Brockmann has been at the helm of staggeringly large-scale construction projects for decades. From 1995 – 1998, he served as the project director for the Bang Na Expressway  in Thailand (pictured above). Though this was much more complicated than any other raised highway, and its $4 billion budget made it not your everyday construction project.

The project challenged him to direct the design and construction of the longest bridge in the world at the time. Upon its completion, the 34 miles long and six-lane elevated highway took the title of the longest bridge in world and held it until 2008. (It remains the 7th longest bridge in the world today.) It took 1,800,000 cubic meters of concrete to build the bridge.

In 2015, his leadership extended to the $2 billion USD Port Said Tunnels project, connecting Sinai, East of the Suez Canal, and Delta. This transformative project involved meticulous planning, tunnel boring machine adjustments, and overcoming challenges in unstable mud soils. Dr. Brockmann planned for the successful completion of this complex endeavor. The total length of the tunnel is 3930m and reached to 4830m by adding the entries and exits; it includes 2 lanes with 3.60m and the maximum depth is 57m under the Suez Canal.

Just a few other of his responsibilities have included Structural Engineer for Berlin’s Hall of Congress and the Dame Point bridge in Jacksonville, FL, Site Engineer for Denmark’s Great Belt Tunnel, and participation in the project management for Qatar’s $40 billion Metro system.

Structural Engineer
Dame Point Bridge, Jacksonville, FL.
Structural Engineer
Hall of Congress, Berlin
Project Management
Port Said Canals, Sinai

Breadth of Knowledge

Dr. Brockmann’s academic journey is as impressive as his professional achievements. Graduating with BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering from Germany in 1981, he continued to expand his expertise with an Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from France in 1982.

Over the course of his career, Brockmann realized that to effectively oversee construction projects of a certain scale, one requires more than the engineering expertise.

Driven by a pursuit of knowledge as well as a passion for taking on larger and more complex jobs, he earned a BA and MA in Business Administration, an MA in Economics, a PhD in Construction Management in 2007 (Switzerland), and his latest achievement, a 2022 PhD in Economics (Germany).

All of Dr. Brockmann’s attributes, as well as the expertise of our other Construction Engineering professors, provide our students with an outstanding education. We look forward to seeing the success of our graduates supporting economic growth and construction development in such a critical part of Utah’s workforce.

More on Construction Engineering at the U

Since 2022, our bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering has been the only ABET-accredited program in Utah. Designed meet industry trends, our program encompasses environmental sustainability and software adoption to prepare the next generation of construction engineers, who currently in very high demand on today’s job market.

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