Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone Experience

During their senior year, Civil and Environmental Engineering students engage with real clients to engineer integrated design solutions in the two course sequence called Professional Practice & Design (4900 and 4910).

A pivotal component of CvEEN's BSCE program since 2003, capstone provides real-world design experience before graduation, empowering students to address community challenges in Civil and Construction Engineering.  Our student engineers work with real clients on actual projects. Clients often include local municipalities, property owners, state and regional organizations and usually involve a wide variety of projects some of which may have a short time before launching and others that may be envisioning far into the future.

Much more than an internship, students engage a multitude of professional and municipal stakeholders to arrive at potential engineering solutions that integrate social, sustainable, equitable, economic and diverse needs along with  technical demand, setting the stage for students' holistic growth as well as providing viable concepts for clients.  Notably, the course bridges the communication gap, honing students' ability to effectively convey concepts and fostering professional creativity.

The Spring term of 2023 saw the culmination of an effort to improve safety along Foothill Drive near Red Butte Creek.  The area has experienced many pedestrian and cycling challenges including a fatal accident all while vehicular transportation needs have increased in the corridor.  Students addressed the need for both a safer crossing of Foothill Drive as well as the need for a new trail to connect trail heads in the Wasatch bench with local neighborhoods so that all ages and abilities can enjoy the many outdoor opportunities for walking, running, and biking without having to be an expert nor putting their life on the line.

Several student groups considered a wide variety of underpass and overpass alternatives and alignments.  Some options integrated the creek with the underpass, others maintained separation.  Some integrated the overpass directly with the VA property, others considered how to directly connect the newly renovated housing village.  Each of the developed concepts provide not only a safer pedestrian experience, but the same feeling of nature and open air available in the Red Butte Creek area. The crossing will not only promote diverse transportation options but provide safety to the users and the nearby properties. Explore some of the concepts here.

Student-designed Underpass

Integrated Pedestrian Underpass

4910 Poster Sessions

Student-designed Overpass

Student Poster

Thanks to our Donors and Partners

We are immensely grateful for the invaluable support and collaboration extended by our esteemed local engineering firms. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in empowering our budding engineers to excel in their academic pursuits through our capstone project.

Thank you for being integral to the success of our students and for your continued support in preparing them to make meaningful contributions to the field of engineering. Together, we are building a brighter future, one project at a time.

Recent Senior Design Projects

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