Building Upon Our Excellent Engineering Education

New Construction Engineering bachelor’s degree prepares students for a career in high-demand

Since 2022, our bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering has been the only ABET-accredited program in Utah. Designed meet industry trends, our program encompasses environmental sustainability and software adoption to prepare the next generation of construction engineers, who currently in very high demand on today’s job market.

While most colleges include Construction Engineering under the Civil and Environmental umbrella, our autonomous Construction BS puts a more focused effort in training these essential engineers in the rapidly growing and increasingly technologically complex field.

Construction Engineering at the University of Utah prepares students to enter this exciting field. Students take courses in both civil engineering fundamentals—such as construction technology, scheduling, estimating, structural principles, site analysis, computer-assisted design, green building, and materials—and instruction in construction engineering courses, such as those related to contracting, project management, project scheduling, cost estimating, and laws and regulations.

Some courses provided include:

Green Building (Façade I)

One of the most important upcoming challenges for construction is the design and construction of sustainable buildings.

Cost Estimating and Proposal Writing

Concentrates on pricing the different elements of a structure based on the use of resources.

Principals of Construction Engineering

Learn about the preconstruction and execution of various construction projects.

Horizontal and Vertical Construction

Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, methods, and practices involved in planning and constructing buildings, bridges, roads, etc.


As we continue to commit resources into this unique degree, we look forward to equipping graduates with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to enter the workforce as competent and innovative construction engineers, ready to build our future.

Meet the professor:

Dr. Christian Brockmann

Dr. Brockmann joined the U in 2022 in part to spearhead the Construction Engineering degree, and there couldn’t have been a better fit. With an extensive background in both academia and industry, Dr. Brockmann has left an indelible mark on the field of Construction Engineering and will, in the years to come, be an integral part of the program’s success.

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