Mission & Vision

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CvEEN education and research enables and advances safe, secure, and resilient civil infrastructure systems that address societal needs for sustaining modern standards of living. The department is a place where all students have the opportunity to be inspired by a challenging, stimulating, and supportive community and curriculum. Such intellectual inspiration is seen in the engagement of the civil infrastructure community of practice embracing excellence, ethics, and equality.

OUR mission

The mission of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah is to advance the smartness, resiliency, and sustainability of civil infrastructure systems.

The Department’s education and research programs are grounded in scientific theories, yet modernized via an amalgam of systems engineering and advanced computing. The intellectual foundations in evolving and critical area address grand societal challenges for planning, designing, constructing and operating interdependent civil infrastructure systems, including building, infrastructure, environmental, energy, and health systems.

We strive to inspire and prepare students for high-impact careers in the engineering profession and in the broader societal context, and develop engineers with strategic skills in areas of emerging need, with the creativity to adapt and innovate in response to dynamic societal needs.