CvEEN is proud to offer research opportunities in a number of unique areas.

Civil Engineering

Studies in Construction Engineering prepare focus on the planning, design, management, and execution of construction projects. Construction Engineering combines principles of Civil Engineering with project management and business aspects to create professionals who are capable of overseeing and coordinating complex construction projects from inception to completion.

Professors in this area:

Nuclear Engineering

Housed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah, the Utah Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP). UNEP has developed a nuclear engineering curriculum that fills critical educational and competency gaps for engineers and scientists involved in the nuclear power and radioactive waste industries, nuclear medicine, homeland security, radiation safety, and nuclear materials detection. UNEP has an undergraduate minor and two graduate degrees (M.S. non-thesis and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering). The requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree are established to meet the expectations of nuclear industry in the state of Utah, the nation, and the world. UNEP is responsible for educating the next generation workforce in critical nuclear engineering fields and developing innovative procedures and technologies for the advancement of nuclear applications.

Professors in this area: