Construction Engineering Research

Construction Engineering

Engineering Stronger, Safer, and More Sustainable Structures

Research in Construction Engineering significantly advances the field by developing innovative techniques, materials, and technologies that improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Impacts of Construction Engineering Research:

Sustainability Improvements

Recreating Earthquakes

Testing mass timber framing inside an actuator in High Bay Structures Lab

State-of-the-Art Structures Lab

In the Layton Engineering Building, our Structures Lab contributes to Construction Engineering research with its state-of-the-art equipment, such as its actuators. One actuator can simulate the effects of seismic activity — with forces up to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake — on whatever is placed inside by vigorously rocking it back and forth in its gigantic rectangular shape. The research conducted in the lab contributes to improving the durability of constructed materials.

Recent News

Building Upon Construction Research

Dr. Abbas Rashidi has been recognized for his excellence in reviewing technical publications and is an active member of the ASCE, contributing to various journals in Construction Engineering and Management. His dual background in Civil Engineering, as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering, has enabled him to conduct multidisciplinary research and to implement electrical engineering tools and computational techniques to solve complex civil engineering problems. He actively contributes to the field through research and editorial work.

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Dr. Abbas Rashidi

Research Spotlight

Dr. Chris Pantiledes

Strengthening Sustainable Structures: Earthquake-Proofing Mass Timber Buildings

Wood, our oldest building material, is experiencing a revival — one that can even withstand earthquakes. And our very own Dr. Pantelides is at this the helm of its revival.

The deceptively simple piece of lumber is an example of mass timber technology, a category of “engineered wood product” set to revolutionize the construction industry— and that Pantelides has spent the last seven years studying and developing.

Academia and Industry Expertise

Dr. Christian Brockmann has led large-scale construction projects worldwide, such as the Bang Na Expressway in Thailand and the Port Said Tunnels in Egypt. His extensive academic background includes degrees in Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, and Construction Management, equipping him to oversee complex projects.

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Dr. Christian Brockmann

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