Research at the U is Building Better Utah Infrastructure

Dr. Pedro Romero Honored with Friend of Industry Award at the 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference

The Utah Asphalt Paving Association—the driving force behind our road infrastructure—recently hosted the 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference from February 27 to 28. Recognized as the premier asphalt-related event in the state, the conference brought together the industry’s best minds, including Dr. Pedro Romero, an integral member of our Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for over 20 years.

On the first day of the conference, Dr. Romero received the prestigious Friend of Industry award from the Utah Asphalt Paving Association. This honor is given to individuals who exemplify and champion the spirit of public-private collaboration. The recipients work diligently to elevate infrastructure standards in the State of Utah via the asphalt pavement sector. These awardees are at the forefront of advocating for policies and initiatives that foster a secure and innovative environment for the asphalt pavement industry. They work towards reducing operational costs while upholding principles of responsibility, safety, and ethical conduct.

Receiving this award proves that the research produced from Dr. Romero’s group is not confined to theoretical realms; rather, it is actively applied by the industry to enhance transportation infrastructure, benefiting the well-being of Utah residents.

This is aligned with University president Randall’s commitment to expand the university’s learning and knowledge enterprise beyond campus borders. The goal is to improve lives and make a global impact, a mission that Dr. Romero’s research actively supports.

Receiving the Friend of Industry award is a true honor as it affirms that the work undertaken at the University of Utah is positively impacting the world we live in—Dr. Romero’s efforts are playing a vital role in actively improving the overall quality of Utah’s infrastructure. Congratulations, Dr. Romero!

Congratulations, Dr. Romero!