Dr. Cathy Liu Earns Prestigious Educator Award

CvEEN Professor Earns 2023 Outstanding Educator Award

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is a global organization dedicated to improving transportation systems and creating smarter, more livable communities. Within this vast network, the Mountain District ITE represents the U.S.’s mountain states and recognizes outstanding educators in the field.

Dr. Cathy Liu has been honored with the Mountain District ITE Outstanding Educator Award. The annual award acknowledges educators who go above and beyond for their students. Dr. Liu’s passion for transportation education and her dedication to her students has earned her this recognition.

Her work focuses on sustainable transportation systems, including public transit, managed lanes, transportation modeling, GIS-based infrastructure management, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Dr. Liu’s contributions have expanded our understanding of these areas and have inspired countless students to explore the transportation professions and research further.

Dr. Liu’s receipt of the Mountain District ITE Outstanding Educator Award will be recognized in the prestigious ITE Journal. Her dedication and innovation have set a high standard in the transportation field, inspiring future generations of professionals to make a lasting impact.