The Academic Advising team in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is committed to building strong relationships with our students. We're here to guide and support you through your program by ensuring you understand the curriculum, requirements, policies and procedures within the Department. 

In addition to the Academic Advisors, you will also have access to a faculty mentor. Your faculty mentor can provide insights into the technical aspects of your degree as well as answer any questions regarding research or courses to take that will benefit your educational and career goals. 

Undergraduate Advising:

Wendy McKenney and Ruby Pfeiffer advise undergraduate students in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, and the Nuclear Engineering minor. 

Students visit undergraduate advisors for a variety of reasons including:

  • Mandatory First Year and Second Year Advising
  • Guidance with course selection and sequencing 
  • Guidance on major status requirements
  • Information about Study Abroad
  • Transfer advising, permission codes, and course petitions
  • Graduation planning and graduation clearance
  • Information on scholarships and other support services

Phone appointments will require us to verify your identity in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by obtaining a FERPA pin.  Click here for instructions on how to create a FERPA pin (make sure to check the box that refers to academic advising). If you have questions or need further instructions on how to create a FERPA pin, please email

Your advisor will call you at the number you provide when you book your advising appointment. Make sure you have your FERPA pin ready.

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Schedule an appointment with       Ruby Pfeiffer

Graduate Advising:

Courtney Phillips supports Masters and PhD students studying in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and in the Utah Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP).  She meets with prospective students seeking guidance on the application process, and supports students through degree completion.  

Schedule an appointment with Courtney Phillips