Chair Welcome

On behalf of our dedicated faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CvEEN) at the University of Utah. We are delighted to share with you information about our exciting and rewarding programs leading to fulfilling careers across the broad spectrum of civil engineering disciplines essential to society. Our mission is to produce outstanding engineers poised to become leaders in the development of innovative solutions for both the opportunities of today and the challenges of tomorrow. We promote this mission through a combination of high-quality educational experiences and innovative research opportunities that continues to grow and evolve with the ever changing needs of the world. As a result of this philosophy, the job market for our engineering graduates remains strong.

As a major urban campus located in beautiful Salt Lake City, we provide comprehensive instructional undergraduate and graduate opportunities focusing on sustainable built environments. From aviation systems to wastewater systems, civil and environmental engineers contribute to critical infrastructure projects including bridges, buildings, environmental restoration, power plants, roadways, and water systems vital for economic growth and prosperity around the globe. Our ABET-accredited undergraduate curriculum begins with a rigorous common core of classes providing students with strong foundations in environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation and water resources. Technical electives allow students to expand the depth of their knowledge in areas necessary to become productive professionals.

CvEEN faculty involve undergraduate and graduate students in transformative research aimed at solving real-world problems of local, state, national, and international interest. Aging infrastructure, growing populations, climate variability, and increased awareness in the role of ecosystem services all interact to require interdisciplinary solutions that recognize and expand on new technologies, materials, and global market forces. CvEEN faculty successfully compete for and are awarded competitive grants from a wide variety of funding agencies to help meet today’s societal challenges.

This year promises to be very exciting as we strive to grow our student body and expand our research endeavors through both traditional funding avenues and increased use of public-private partnerships. I hope you have the opportunity to come visit us to discuss the many wonderful opportunities that a degree in CvEEN from the University of Utah can provide.


Yours truly,

Michael E. Barber
Professor and Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Utah