Pioneering Transportation Infrastructure

Utah Universities Partner to Launch Innovative Transportation Electrification Certificate Program

University of Utah is awarded around $600,000 by the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE)’s Deep Technology Talent Initiative to introduce a pioneering Transportation Infrastructure Electrification Joint Certificate Program. USHE’s Technology Talent Initiative aims to support the creation of multidisciplinary programs that would develop students’ proficiency for technology-focused job roles. This certificate program is going to be a collaborative effort pulling domain experts from two major state universities in Utah: the University of Utah and Utah State University. Dr. Cathy Liu at the UofU (program director) and Dr. Regan Zane (program co-director) at USU will be leading the effort.

The program will address critical challenges in the transition to a clean and sustainable electric power sector, particularly focusing on the integration of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources into the existing power grid. The move comes as the nation grapples with the need for sustainable solutions to combat climate change and, importantly to Utah, improve air quality.

With its interdisciplinary approach, the program will prepare graduates to tackle complex societal issues while adapting to an increasingly interconnected world. The curriculum covers mobility-energy system modeling, renewable energy adoption, charging solutions, and AI-enabled learning. Additionally, modules on equity, policy, and economics provide students with a comprehensive understanding of technology adoption within a societal context.

The certificate program, stackable on top of a regular graduate degree, consists of 15 credit hours and welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. Courses will be offered online and in-person, encouraging collaboration across campuses.

This program marks a big step in developing a skilled workforce for electrified transportation. Its launch showcases Utah’s dedication to shaping a sustainable future through education and innovation.