FASTRAX is a program that allows high-achieving students to begin working on a master’s degree (thesis or non-thesis) during the final year of their bachelor’s degree program. Many FASTRAX students can complete the master’s degree within three additional semesters of full-time study (9 graduate credit hours) following completion of the bachelor’s degree. 

FASTRAX students take 5 technical electives, instead of 6, and complete a graduate level course (6000 or higher) to apply towards the MS degree. Students must apply during the second semester of their Junior year (typically Spring semester). 

To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements: 

  • Current cumulative GPA of 3.20+
  • Students must maintain continuous enrollment (no gap semester/ breaks between degrees)

Steps to Apply

Step One:

Meet with an undergraduate advisor and graduate advisor prior to completing this application. They will help you identify the best course to apply towards the completion of the MS program.

Step Two:

Complete the FASTRAX application.

Step Three:

Contact the course instructor for permission to enroll in the graduate-level course and complete the following form.

Step Four:

Submit a permission code request to enroll in the graduate-level course. Include the written permission from the course instructor.

Step Five:

Upon successful completion of the course, please fill out the “Undergraduate Petition for Graduate Credit” form and submit to The advisor will seek the Department Chair’s signature.