Unveiling the World of Fracture Geomechanics

Dr. Shahrzad Roshankhah to Edit a Special Issue in Journal of Geosciences

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Shahrzad Roshankhah has been invited to serve as a guest editor for a special issue in collaboration with Dr. Wenfeng Li of the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the Journal of Geosciences.

This journal issue, titled “Fracture Geomechanics – Obstacles and New Perspectives,” will focus on understanding the challenges and exploring novel viewpoints within the realm of fracture geomechanics.

This special issue provides a unique opportunity for researchers interested in fracture geomechanics to share their insights and findings with a wider audience: Interested researchers can click here to find detailed information about the objectives of the issue, a comprehensive list of relevant topics, and guidance on the manuscript submission procedure.

For those eager to contribute or with any inquiries, Dr. Roshankhah and Dr. Li can be reached at mailto:Shahrzad.Roshankhah@utah.edu and mailto:wli23@lanl.gov, respectively. Engagement and questions are not only welcomed but encouraged as they contribute to the collaborative spirit of this initiative.

As a department, we are excited about the prospect of our faculty playing a key role in harboring collaborative research in the field of geomechanics. Best of luck to Dr. Shahrzad Roshankhah and Dr. Wenfeng Li in their spearheading this endeavor!




Shredding Slopes and Solving Equations

Joe Davies: Engineering Major and Elite Skier

Engineering majors often have a lot on their plate due to the demanding curriculum. And then there’s Joe Davies, who’s (somehow) successfully balancing his studies with a career as a competitive cross-country skier and a key member of the University of Utah Ski team.

In addition to staying on top of coursework, Joe is currently gearing up for the U23 World Championship this February, and next month, he’ll be defending his title as Individual Champion at the NCAA Championships in Steamboat, Colorado (no pressure).

A third-year student at the University of Utah’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Joe’s journey in the world of competitive cross-country skiing began at the age of 10. After years of persistence and dedication, he’s now a proud member of the Division I University of Utah Ski team, while also taking his talents to the international stage by racing in the World Cup.

Having completed his first two years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and skiing across the globe, Joe could have chosen any path for his competitive spirit and high educational pursuits. But with its perfect blend of academic excellence and unparalleled access to the mountains, there’s no place quite like the U.

Beyond skiing, Joe’s ambitions at the U are deep-rooted. “Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to pursue some sort of career in the environmental sector, I just didn’t know exactly what type of job that would be,” said Joe. After a gap year dedicated to full-time skiing, he decided that Civil Engineering would allow him to make the most positive impact in the environment.

Having completed his first semester at the U in the Fall, Joe has particularly enjoyed working with Dr. Lenart in his Technical Communications class as well as Professor Brockmann in his Engineering Economics class, and he looks forward to focusing more on Environmental Engineering in the coming years.

Being both a student-athlete and an engineering major presents its challenges, but for Joe, it’s a journey worth making sacrifices for. Balancing schoolwork with a rigorous racing schedule taught him the importance of time management and goal-oriented work ethic.

Outside the classroom, Joe enjoys backcountry skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, brewing specialty coffee, and enjoying his vinyl collection.

Joe Davies exemplifies the dedication of an engineering student at the University of Utah. As Joe carves his way through both engineering challenges and snowy slopes, his story epitomizes the unique and vibrant culture fostered at the U, where academic excellence and a love for outdoor adventure are aplenty.

Join us in wishing Joe the best of luck with both this season and semester!

“I chose to come to the University of Utah for the large level of support it provides its student-athletes, as well as the opportunity to train with one of the strongest teams in the country.” – Joe Davies