5 Reasons Self-Driving Taxis are Going to be Amazing

Dr. Daniel Fagnant explains why self-driving cars will help ease traffic patterns in a recent article, 5 reasons self-driving taxis are going to be amazing, from www.vox.com.

“In recent years, lots and lots of pundits — including me — have speculated about how self-driving cars will change American cities. But almost all the talk has been just that — speculation. Because we can’t collect data on the social effects of a technology that isn’t available yet.

But a recent study does the next best thing: it starts with detailed data about today’s traffic patterns, and then uses a computer simulation to predict what would happen if drivers switched to taking rides in self-driving taxis. The research, by University of Texas at Austin professor Kara Kockelman and the University of Utah’s Daniel Fagnant, provides unprecedented insight into how self-driving vehicles will change the urban landscape.”

Read the full article here.

Student Awarded Alta Sustainability Leadership Award

The University of Utah Sustainability Office and the Alta Environmental Center have awarded Youcan Feng, nominated by Dr. Steven Burian, one of four 2015 Alta Sustainability Leadership Awards for his outstanding
achievement in, Campus As A Living Laboratory, on March 6th, 2015. Youcan Feng was recognized as a student who has designed a research project that not only makes the U more sustainable but was designed and continues to serve as an educational platform for others at the University of Utah and institutions throughout the state. What started out as a research project exploring the evapotranspiration from different types of green roofs has now grown to include teaching, incorporation of other student researchers, expanding research to include irrigation, energy, and storm water management, in addition to collaboration with outside entities. The new Alta Sustainability Leadership Awards are presented on the basis of excellence in fostering leadership and commitment to the health of our community and our planet through an understanding of, and actions to enhance, the stability, resilience, and diversity of our intertwined natural, social, economic, and cultural systems at the U of U.