Outstanding Teacher — Steven Burian

This year Steve Burian was presented with the Outstanding Teacher award from the College of Engineering. The award winners were announced Friday, Aug. 19th.

For more than 15 years, Steven Burian is proof that the key to becoming a beloved teacher comes from your heart, not just your head.

This highly respected associate professor in our civil and environmental engineering department has been a dedicated mentor and leader for countless students who have stepped into his classroom. He creates a vibrant learning environment with his imaginative presentations, guest lecturers, robust learning exercises and hands-on projects. And he gives each student the kind of individual attention they need to guarantee success in their own lives.

As one former student and now researcher said about Steven: “His gentle yet persistent encouragement has led me to become more confident in doing my research and moving forward with my career goal. I personally consider him to be a major influence on my own working style and philosophy.”

Steven Burian is a wonderful reminder of why we all went into this profession in the first place — to help shape young minds and forge new generations of inventive, thought-provoking young people who will make a difference.

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