Dr. Steven Bartlett Presents EPS Geofoam Topics Worldwide

Dr. Steven Bartlett had a busy summer traveling to China and Turkey to present various topics regarding the use of EPS geofoam for Civil Engineering applications. Topics included the protection of pipelines from earthquakes using EPS geofoam, which was presented at GeoShanghai 2014 (Protecting Pipelines).

In Turkey, Dr. Bartlett also presented to several conferences and seminars regarding EPS geofoam application (Geofoam Applications). For his efforts, the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Board of Directors of Turkey (EPSDER) presented him a recognition award. The award states:

“In great appreciation and consideration of your time, effort and support in the development of geofoam applications in Turkey.”

More information about this and other EPS research can be found at https://www.civil.utah.edu/~bartlett/Geofoam/