Balancing Academics, Athletics, and Environmental Advocacy

Chloe Kockler: Remarkable Student-Athlete and Engineering major

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to balance a demanding engineering major with a student-athlete lifestyle and still find time for passions outside of academics? Meet Chloe Kockler: a remarkable student-athlete and a Civil and Environmental Engineering major at the U.

As a fifth-year student, Chloe is pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Engineering, and she’s also on the U’s cross country and track teams.

Chloe Kockler, Student-Athlete and Engineering Major

Chloe is a committed engineering major, driven by a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world, with aspirations to potentially earn her Ph.D. Yet Cloe’s academic journey began in a different place.

Chloe started as a biology major, with hopes of eventually attending medical school. Yet, during her freshman year, the desire to create a positive impact on the environment became an overwhelming passion for her. Fueled by a desire to champion sustainability and ecological well-being, she made the huge switch to Environmental Engineering.

To be a better champion of sustainability, Chloe introduced a minor in Nuclear Engineering in her third year, which allows her to research innovative, carbon-neutral energy solutions that hold the potential to transform the world’s current energy landscape.

Combining the rigorous demands of an engineering major plus a minor with the responsibilities of a student-athlete is no easy feat, and Chloe’s experience has been anything but linear: The journey has been marked by injuries and health challenges. Chloe’s fortitude has been tested, and she’s a stronger student and athlete for persevering.

“As an engineering major, I think being determined and resilient is really crucial to success,” said Chloe. “In addition, being a student athlete also teaches you to have a really strong work ethic and great time management skills. I can attribute my success both in and outside of the classroom to both of those characteristics.”

The work ethic Chloe has on the track and cross-country course is present in her research as well. She passionately works alongside Dr. Emily Marron in her lab.

“My experience with her has been nothing short of amazing. She is such an inspiring person in and out of work, and her professional experience is really unmatched.”

Chloe is currently immersed in her honors thesis research project under the guidance of Dr. Marron.

In her rare free time, Chloe enjoys a diverse array of activities. Skiing, reading, horseback riding, rock climbing, and painting are just a few of the hobbies she enjoys. These breaks serve as a rejuvenating escape, allowing her to explore the year-round outdoor adventures Utah has to offer.

We eagerly await Chloe’s future accomplishments and the positive changes they will undoubtedly bring to the field of Environmental Engineering!