Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering

Welcome to the U, Kaylee!

MS Environmental Engineering candidate begins graduate studies

Growing up, Kaylee Molan often found herself immersed in discussions about climate change through the constant buzz of news reports.

Kaylee’s innate passion for effecting positive environmental change is complemented by an ardent fascination for science, mathematics, and design, which ultimately led her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire last May.

Now, as Kaylee Molan embarks on the next chapter of her academic journey, we extend a warm welcome to the University of Utah. Here, as a Global Change & Sustainability Center graduate fellow, Kaylee is poised to pursue a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.

The GCSC First Year Fellowship that Kaylee holds is instrumental in attracting top students who share research interests around the broad themes of the environment and sustainability. These students, like Kaylee, seek graduate training that extends beyond the scope of a single discipline. While students like Kaylee will receive their degrees from different departments across campus, the GCSC provides invaluable interdisciplinary training experiences. These experiences will undoubtedly help prepare students like Kaylee for broad engagement and collaboration in the professional realm.

Collaborating with Dr. Emily Marron, Kaylee’s research endeavors will predominantly encompass wastewater reuse—a topic of immense significance in today’s world and especially in the state of Utah.

The anticipation of her research here at the U fills Kaylee with an undeniable sense of excitement and purpose:

“I am excited to work on a project that will help protect the environment and public health, as well as contribute to better management of our water resources!”

Kaylee’s mission promises to be a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. Welcome to the University of Utah, Kaylee, where your journey towards creating a better world is just beginning!