Tuition Benefit Documentation

Tuition Benefit Documentation

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The Graduate Advisor will correspond with you at your University email address.
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Students who fail to meet the requirements listed below, may be held responsible for the cost of the semester's tuition, and health insurance premium.

1. Students must maintain status as a full-time matriculated graduate student enrolled in nine or more graduate credit hours.
2. Students must surpass the semesterly earnings threshold, to maintain this benefit.
3. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0+

Access the required earnings threshold at this URL:
The 84-credit hour rule...
Under Tuition Benefit, graduate credit hours are always charged at resident rates, regardless of the student’s residency status. However, non-resident RAs who have exceeded 84 cumulative credit hours of coursework will receive a surcharge of the non-resident portion of their tuition. This condition will be apply in the first semester when coursework surpasses 84 credit hours as a University of Utah graduate student. The graduate student is responsible for paying any non-resident surcharges that are incurred due to the 84 credit hour rule. RA’s who have finished their coursework may register for 9 thesis hours ONLY to avoid being charged nonresident tuition.

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