Request for Exception to Graduate Policy

Graduate: Request for Exception to Graduate Policy

Student Information

Due to Federal educational law concerning the privacy of educational records, the Graduate Advisor will correspond with you at your University email address.
ie. Dr. Pantelides, Dr. Ibarra

Request for Exception to Policy

In a letter addressed to the Graduate Study Committee, please address the following items:
(1) What is the policy you are seeking an exception to?
(2) What is it that you are requesting the committee's approval of?
(3) What other information do you wish to share about this request?

- Requests for exception to policy that do not present compelling rationale shall may be declined.
- Requests shall not be submitted without the prior knowledge of the faculty advisor.

In addition to the letter outlined above, please upload email communication demonstrating the communication with your supervising professor and their response.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB