Building Access Request

Building Access Request Form
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Exterior doors to MCE, MEB and the eastern (renovated) portion of the Allen E. Layton Building (HEDCO) are accessed using your uCard and will not require a physical key or deposit. 

I acknowledge that a $5 deposit is needed for each physical key requested. The deposit is made at Income Accounting located in the Student Services Building. Proof of payment is required before keys will be release to you.
I acknowledge and understands the conditions of responsibility outlined in the University of Utah Building Access and Surveillance Systems Policy 3-234* including the following: I will not lend the key(s) or uCard to anyone. I will return the key(s) when my need of the key(s) or employment terminates. I understand violations of any of the above may lead to my suspension or termination from the University.
I understand that if I am found not keeping the University facilities secure (including but not limited to: propping doors open, taping the strike plate, tieing the crash bar, etc.) I will have building access revoked.