Graduate Student Registration Approval

Graduate: Registration Approval

Student Information

Due to Federal law the concerning the privacy of educational records the graduate advisor will correspond with you at your University email account.

Please note, the graduate advisor will directly enroll you in the indicated courses within the department. Courses from outside the department you must enroll yourself in. This change can better support both students and department administrators by establishing course enrollment in a more timely fashion.


During the upcoming semester,

You have indicated above that you expect to be covered by the Tuition Benefit Program, therefore you must enroll in 9 credit hours (fall/spring terms or 3 credit hours during summer terms).

You've Indicated You Intend to Enroll In Courses in Another Department.

Please try to enroll in the course you wish to take. You are able to check, to see if you have completed the pre-requisites by:

  1. Locate the course listing in the semester's schedule.
  2. Click on the black "Class Details" button to the right of the course title.
  3. See if there's a "Enrollment Requirement" listed above the course description. If you meet this requirement, or there's not one listed, please try to enroll. Need instructions on how to enroll?
  4. If you're unable to add the course, return to the course listing page for that academic department, and scroll to the top of the page. Find the appropriate contact listed, and email asking for their department's process of allowing other students into their courses.

Courses for the Upcoming Term

Select the CVEEN course(s) you plan to enroll in.
Select the NUCL course(s) you plan to enroll in.

I have submitted...

Masters students should submit prior to the second semester of study. Doctoral students should submit prior to the second year of study.

What's a Curriculum Development Plan (CDP)?

What's a Supervisory Committee?