Graduate Offboarding

Graduate Offboarding

This site has been created to support students as the look to close out their studies at the U of U. Regardless of whether you're a research student or not, there is valuable information here you should review. If you have pursued a coursework-only degree, simply skip to the information listed below the table.

For research students, there are several additional steps related to the final defense and the clearance from the Thesis Office. The table below compiles this information for you to reference in one location. Please take the time to review the information below, and schedule with the Graduate Advisor for follow-up questions.


DepartmentThesis Office & The Graduate SchoolInternational Office
Before the DefenseRequired

  • Prompt committee members to complete manuscript evaluations.

  • Consider one-on-one meetings with committee members.

  • Send plenty of reminders to the committee of the time/ date/ location of the final defense.

After the DefenseRequired
  • Committee signs off digitally recording the outcome of the defense. This is coordinated by department staff.

  • Complete edits as advised by the committee.

  • Upon completing the edits, email the revised document to the graduate advisor for guidance on next steps.

  • If a verification of degree completion is necessary (for interviewing), contact the Graduate Advisor.


Prepare your lab for your graduation and departure. 

  • Ensure that all data and papers can be accessed by the supervising professor.
  • Refer to this article from UIT about access following degree completion.
  • Another, somewhat dated article about IT access upon concluding time at the U.
  • Return keys to the academic department. You'll receive a letter documenting these have been returned and you'll be able to receive money back from Income Accounting.

Graduation Celebrations


Update Contact Information

It is important to keep your mailing address current to receive all official university correspondence/information, such as: refund checks, financial aid information, graduation information, etc.

  • Domestic students can complete this independently through CIS. International students need to contact ISSS and update contact information through UAtlas.
  • Diplomas will be mailed to the currently listed mailing address.