Establishing A Committee

Graduate: Establishing or Amending A Supervisory Committee
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What is a supervisory committee?
A supervisory committee guides and assists a student in working toward a graduate degree.

Who can serve on a supervisory committee?
All University of Utah faculty members are eligible to serve as supervisory committee members.
- The faculty member must hold the terminal degree in the relevant field, and/or have demonstrated research and scholarly work in the field.
- Committee chairs must be selected from tenure-line faculty.
- Persons from outside the University of Utah may serve as committee members with approval of the Dean of The Graduate School.
- Immediate family members are not eligible to serve on a student’s supervisory committee.

Student Information

Family Name
My degree will be granted in the following field:
IMPORTANT: Only students completing the coursework-only construction engineering MS should select "Construction Engineering" above. ALL students who are completing research in the field of construction engineering should select "Civil Engineering" above.
Also called Major Professor or Principal Investigator (PI).
Use terms such as: replace; add; remove, etc.

Committee Responsibilities

Committee Requirements