Construction Engineering Undergraduate Program

The rapidly growing economy in Utah and many parts of the country requires construction of new roads, houses, and commercial buildings. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16% growth in the need for construction managers nationally. This program will prepare individuals to apply scientific, mathematical, engineering, and management principles to the planning, design, and building of commercial and residential facilities and structures.  It will include instruction in civil engineering fundamentals such as structural principles, site analysis, foundations, computer-assisted design, evaluation and testing, and materials combined with construction courses related to contracting, project management, graphic communications, and applicable laws and regulations.


Construction Engineering students are often found in the Department study room, throughout the Warnock Engineering Building or often helping faculty with research. Many students participate in the Department student organizations as well as University organizations.


Last Date to Accept Admission Applications

The University of Utah Admissions Office has required applicants to adhere to the following dates:

Semester Last Date to Apply with a COMPLETE Application
Spring   November 1
Summer  December 1- March 15
Fall November 1 (Honors Priority Application Date) and December 1 (Admissions Priority Date) April 1 final deadline

For more information please see the University of Utah Admissions homepage.

Direct Admission

Incoming Construction Engineering freshman for the 2016-2017 academic year who are offered direct admission into the College of Engineering will also be directly admitted to the Construction Engineering program.

Dates to Apply for Graduation
Semester Last Date to Apply with a COMPLETE Application
Spring November 1
Summer April 1
Fall July 1

For more information please see the University of Utah Office of Registrars homepage.

Four-year schedule

The following link is a suggested four-year schedule for a BS in Construction Engineering. Taking these courses in the years shown will ensure that you have the prerequisites for the following years courses.


Contact the Undergraduate Program

Alexi Crabb, Academic Advisor
Office: 2012 MCE
Phone Number: 801.581.6931