Probationary Plan of Action: Graduate

Graduate: Probationary Plan of Action

Student Information

The advisor will correspond with you at your University of Utah email address.
ie. xxxxxxx

+ Acknowledgement

+ Plan for Improvement.

Please meet with your committee chair to discuss the prompts below. Submit only once both the student and the committee chair agree on the plan of action listed below.
If, at the end of the aforementioned semester,

A. the student's program of study GPA is greater than or equal to 3.0. The student is released from probation, and allowed to register for the subsequent semester.
B. the student's program of study GPA is < 3.0 the Graduate Study Committee will revisit the plan outlined above and determine if the student has met the listed requirements.

(i.) If the requirements of the prior plan have been met, the student remains on probation and submits a new remedial plan for the next semester.
(ii.) If the requirements of the plan above have not been met, the student is immediately dismissed from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate program.