Capstone Assessment 4910

4910 Exhibition Assessment

Exhibition Assessment

Professional Practice and Design – 4910


  • Please mark “Excellent, Good, or Needs Work” for each  of the three dimension and an overall assessment.
  • Comments about Strengths and/or Improvements may be made below.
Mechanics of Communication
Mechanics of Communication: Engagement, Energy, Confidence, Visual Emphasis, Clarity, Complete, Concise Audience Oriented (Empathy and Understanding of what matters to the audience)
Problem Solving: Understanding and Defining Context, Needs, Goals, Vision
Client & Stakeholder Centered Process Criteria informed by Relevant Factors (Environment, Social, Economic, Technical) Decision Making Strategy, Solution and Evaluation (Discriminators leading to Benefits with Proof; Why is this a viable and/or best option for the client?)
Interdependence and Cohesion, Complimentary Knowledge-Skills-Aptitude, Reasonable Expectations, Quality Assurance and Control