Structural engineers design structures to support their own weight and to resist forces like hurricanes and earthquakes. They are involved in designing everything from houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges to stadiums, arenas, space platforms, and roller coasters.

The following are sub-diciplines of the Structure faculty:


Janice Chambers

Earthquake-resistant steel structures
Mathematical modeling of structural systems
Stiffness matrix of a Reduced Beam Section frame element (RBS beam)
Certification of the Arcmaticâ„¢ Moment Connection


Luis Ibarra

Seismic performance-based design with emphasis on the collapse limit state
Structural performance of nuclear facilities
Seismic risk assessment

Aging effects on the structural performance of reinforced concrete systems


Chris Pantelides

Dr. Chris Pantelides research is in rehabilitating bridges and how to make bridges stronger for corrosion and earthquakes. For information on current research click each link below.

Monitoring GFRP Reinforced Precast Deck Panels

Repair of Prestressed Concrete Girder Ends and Girder Collision Repair

GFRP Reinforced Lightweight Precast Bridge Deck Panels

Non-Destructive and Destructive Investigation of Aged-In-The Field Carbon FRP-wrapped Columns


Drop Hammer

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department just completed a new lab addition of a drop hammer. More information on the drop hammer can be found here. The Director of the equipment is Dr. Chris Pantelides and has been funded by a project from the Idaho National Laboratory.