Performance Review (PhD & MS)

Graduate: Performance Review (Student of self)

Student Information

Due to Federal law concerning the privacy of educational records, the Graduate Advisor will correspond with you at your University email address.

Program Start

First semester of attendance.

Evaluation Term

The current semester, or the semester that has recently concluded.

+ Semester 1 Tasks

+ Semester 2 Tasks

Resources used:

+ Semester 3 Tasks

Strongly recommended.
More information located at:

+ Semester 4 Tasks

Most students use a free Doodle poll to identify a common time.

+ First Year Tasks

Goal: complete and submit prior to 3rd semester.
Goal: complete and submit prior to 3rd semester.
Most often during 2nd semester of study. This test regularly occurs on the Friday following Fall and Spring break. Please communicate with your faculty advisor for best guidance on how to prepare

+ Mid-Program Tasks

+ Final Year Tasks

+ Please describe your progress.