Nuclear Engineering Research

Nuclear Engineering Research

Utah's only Nuclear Engineering program

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, the Utah Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP) aims to push the boundaries of multidisciplinary nuclear-related fields.

UNEP’s overarching goal is to continually make strides in the advancement of multidisciplinary nuclear-related fields such as

  • actinide synthesis,
  • electronics nesting,
  • energy,
  • medical isotope production,                           
  • nuclear forensics,
  • nuclear safeguards,
  • and radiation detection.

Our faculty understand the importance that nuclear engineering research holds for the promise of significantly shaping our society and charting the course for a sustainable and dynamic future.


+ Construction Engineering

+ Environmental Engineering

+ Geotechnical Engineering

+ Materials Engineering

+ Nuclear Engineering

+ Structural Engineering

+ Transportation Engineering

+ Water Resources

About Our TRIGA Reactor

TRIGA stands for Training, Research, Isotopes General Atomics. There are currently only 35 TRIGA reactors operating in the world, with 17 in the United States.

Our TRIGA Nuclear Research Reactor is used as a core training and educational facility.

About our TRIGA Nuclear Reactor

Research Awards & Highlights

Researcher Highlight

Dr. Glenn Sjoden’s outlook is “If an engineering system can be modeled, we can perform the research & development to solve, design, and optimize it!” He is excited to apply his over three decades of combined experience as a military officer, professor, consultant, and chief scientist as the new College of Engineering Energy Solutions Presidential Endowed Chair.

In addition, Glenn also pursues development and application of numerical algorithms for modeling novel applications, integrated engineering design, and physics-based optimization employing his proficiency in High Performance Computing (HPC).