Undergraduate Program

Civil & Environmental Engineering is a diverse and challenging field of study. Courses taken for your Bachelors of Science will prepare you for the professional world of engineering or if you would like to get advance degrees in engineering, law, medicine, or business.

Civil & Environmental Engineering students are often found in the Department study room, throughout the Warnock Engineering Building or often helping faculty with research. Many students participate in the Department student organizations as well as University organizations.


Last Date to Accept Admission Applications

The University of Utah Admissions Office has required applicants to adhere to the following dates:

Semester Last Date to Apply with a COMPLETE Application
Spring  November 1
Summer  March 15
Fall December 1 (Admissions Priority Deadline)

For more information please see the University of Utah Admissions homepage.

Direct Admission

Direct admit: The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering implemented a direct admission program for incoming freshmen. This change is in coordination with the College of Engineering in an attempt to get students involved with their department as they are admitted to the university.

Students who are directly admitted into the College of Engineering and indicate civil engineering as a major, are admitted into the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with Major Status. If a student is undecided on their major upon direct admission into the College of Engineering, they can indicate their specific major at a later date. Students who are ready to take Calculus I in their first semester are typically considered for direct admission into the College. Having students directly admitted into the program enables them to have early interaction with academic advisors, become eligible for all CVEEN scholarships, get involved with student groups and interact with faculty.

Dates to Apply for Graduation
Semester Last Date to Apply with a COMPLETE Application
Spring November 1
Summer April 1
Fall July 1

For more information please see the University of Utah Office of Registrars homepage.

Four-year schedule

The following is a suggested four-year schedule for a BS in Civil Engineering for the 2016-2017 Handbook. Taking these courses in the years shown will ensure that you have the prerequisites for the following years courses. All students take the same engineering courses during their freshman, sophomore, and part of their junior years. Students then select different technical electives to take during their junior and senior year.


Contact the Undergraduate Program

Alexi Crabb, Academic Advisor
Office: 2012 MCE
Email: acrabb@coe.utah.edu
Phone Number: 801.581.6931