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Engineering Scholarships – College and Department Level

The 2016/17 Engineering Scholarship Application is now open. To apply for both department and college-wide scholarships, please submit an application found here. The application will close on February 1, 2017. Students should wait to upload “My Degree Dashboard” until after fall semester grades post. Students must finalize their application once completed for it to be considered.

Approximately 435 scholarship awards are given each year worth over $1.6 million in the College of Engineering. We would like to highlight a few scholarships for students to consider:

Early Completion Scholarship: Available to students who are within 30-40 credits of graduating. Students must enroll in summer, fall, and spring semesters. Students must be full-time at least two of the three semesters. Need and merit are not required, but may be considered. To apply, submit a graduation plan that demonstrates your ability to meet all graduation requirements within the three semesters. Award amount is $3,000 to disperse $1,000 each semester.

Energy Scholarships: Several industrial partners offer scholarships to students interested in the energy sector. Each scholarship requires an essay that demonstrates your interest in this field. Award amounts vary. Scholarships are offered by Chevron, International Power Agency, Holly Refinery, Exxon Mobile, IM Flash Technologies, Oblad Energy, Kingston Energy and Engineering, and Williams Company.

Haglund Financial Relief Scholarship: Available to students in their junior or senior year who no longer qualify for financial aid and are experiencing a significant or unforeseen financial hardship. Awards are aimed at enabling students to complete their degree. GPA is not a factor to receive assistance from the fund, as long as your GPA meets the graduation requirement. Award amounts vary based on need and available funds. To apply, indicate that you want to be considered for need based awards on your application and submit the required essay for the Hakon H. Haglund scholarship.

Greg and Sharon Nelson Family Scholarship:
Available to a married student who is working close to full time.
Explain how this scholarship would help you reduce the number of hours you work, and explain your involvement in the community.


Other Scholarships

The following are scholarships offered by other programs that the Department has become aware of. If you have information on any scholarships please feel free to email the information to the webmaster.


Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Applying to the University of Utah does not mean that you will get financial aid or scholarships. To receive financial aid University of Utah students must submit a separate application. To find out more about University Financial Aid & Scholarships go to their website.