Outreach Activities

The Department, along with the College of Engineering, supports K-12 education throughout the state of Utah.


The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering supports the growth of understanding what engineers, specifically Civil and Environmental Engineers, do in their profession. This knowledge is shared through events that the Department participates in throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Past activities include:

  • Club U
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • Library Lectures
  • Hi-GEAR
  • Parents Night at local Elementary Schools
  • Scout Tours


Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

The College of Engineering maintains the following resources for K-12 teachers and classrooms:


School or Group Visits

The College of Engineering provides specific one day events at elementary schools, junior high, and high schools. If you would like to find out more information on these offerings please visit their outreach website.

If you would like a smaller event with one or two classes or a group of kids the Department is here to assist you to the best of their ability. Please contact Andrea Gallegos who coordinates the visit. The visit can include a presentation on what civil and environmental engineers do, and an activity relating. The activity will relate to the curriculum that the student will be learning about throughout the year.



If you have a group of students or an organization that would like to come on campus, we are happy to assist you. We can provide tours of different facilities that the Department has research occurring in. These labs include, but are not limited to, structural load testing, water (hydrology), construction materials, and the Utah Traffic Lab. For more information please contact Andrea Gallegos.


Flyers about our Programs

Civil Engineering Major – Overview for High School Students

Graduate Programs in Civil Engineering

FasTrax Program (5 year program for both a BS and MS degree)

Transfer Student Guide

Students with BS