Research Opportunities

The Department of Civil Environmental Engineering strongly encourages students to participate in research while pursuing a degree. The following is information on how you can become involved in faculty research.


Undergraduate Students

Many faculty members employ undergraduate students on their research projects. This enables you to expand your research skills as well as get to know faculty members on a more personal level. Some benefits to working in a lab as an undergraduate are:

  • Work on campus
  • May inspire a thesis topic
  • Professional environment
  • Possible publications

It is recommended that you contact the faculty member(s) who best meet your research interests. They will be able to let you know if they have openings in their labs. Also, If you participate in Undergraduate research you can also participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and receive a Undergrad Research Scholars Designation (USRD) on your diploma.


Graduate Students

If you are looking to join the University of Utah for your Graduate Program (MS- Thesis or Ph.D.) you will need to apply to the Department before any funding will be considered/offered.Funding offers are provided to students as funding becomes available. Typically students will be admitted into the program and then funding is awarded at a later date. Once you have been accepted for admission you are welcome to contact the faculty member(s) that best meet your interest area. They will know what kind of funding they will have in the upcoming year and will be able to determine if funding is available.

To find out what faculty members are researching go to the specific research area page (to the left) or their personal websites.

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