FASTRAX is a program that allows undergraduate students with an Engineering GPA of 3.2 or higher to start working on their Master’s degree (Research Track) during their senior year of their Bachelors Degree. Through the FASTRAX program, most students can complete their MS degree with one additional year of full-time study beyond the BS degree (including a summer semester).


How to Apply

Students who have an Engineering GPA of 3.2 or higher are welcome to apply to the FASTRAX program. Students should apply during their second semester of their Junior year in the program (usually Spring semester). Students need to complete the FASTRAX Application and have 3 letters of recommendation, one from the faculty that they will be working on their MS degree with. Recommenders are welcome to complete the Department Recommendation Form or write a letter.


Program Requirements

FASTRAX students are required to take 5 technical electives, instead of 6, and complete a graduate level course (6000 or higher) to go toward their MS degree. To register for the graduate level courses complete the registration form here.



Students entering into the FASTRAX program can follow the flowchart that is located here.